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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Blues

A pretty ordinary weekend passed by again. Started with a tiring Friday, after work and gym. Talking over phone with guys back home. Taking my dog for a walk, serve his dinner, and take him for a walk again, play with him. Sleep early and getting up early on Saturday. More phone calls, more chat, more thoughts, more of everything. But sometimes more of something, is not good. You don't want more tension, more troubles. But hey, that is part of life, what if it covers your mind up with weekend blues. Funny term..wonder why we don't use it for weekends..well, may be the idea of weekend and fun goes so much hand in hand. Saturday night called for pina colada shots, some rum with coke...and talk with guys back home again.

Went to bed at around 7 in the morning..woke up at 12.30 pm. Took Kush for a walk, served his lunch, took him for a walk again. One friend came over, had a little chat, ate some sumptuous homemade lunch..and again took Kush for a walk, served him dinner..watched a old movie..

Now getting ready for another week at work, another week of new experience, another walk towards a weekend..

So, now that everyone is gearing up for a new week, I think its time to call it a day and take Kush for a walk again. Saying this, it struck me, how a major part of your life can be surrounded by your four legged friend. How I enjoy this little thing running around the house, and how sometimes, I enjoy saying "no" to him, and sometimes talk in those weird tone. He listens. Wonder what he thinks of me when I do that. May be like, why the hell can't you speak the doggy warf, warf!!!

Hmmm...well, here he comes with his bulging brown eyes and stubby nose..I got it, he wants to call it a day and ready to enjoy his most precious moment...a deep, nice and long slumber...good night guys..You guys have a great week..

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