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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alter ego

Remember the guy from my last blog.."Journey"...he met his other I, at the light. When are you meeting yours? Do you wana meet him at the end of the hallway? Guess, have you ever wondered how that guy felt when he saw his other I, doing things he shoulda done...Coulda, shoulda and woulda...these 3 are very powerful..always associated with from a minor change to a catastrophic one in our lives...

I dealt with people, I saw people who never gave a chance to their other I. They were so busy in the "I", the other I stayed in that dark corner of the room, begging to free him out...He gave me a chance...a chance which was long deserved, a chance which will change our lives, and the people associated with us...I am his other I. I am Ivan. Ivan, is a fairy tale dragon, he would think about even today when he is in a problem. He doesn't realise it, but I know it. He woul read Ivan's story time and again, as a kid and ride Ivan and fly high up in the air...He got busy with life, I didn't. I waited for him to reach the light, and free me. I'm glad he did.

I saw him doing worst of things, I saw him holding on to his innermost fear and rise...I saw him surviving greatest storms and raise himself up like an eagle..and I saw him walking down through those dirty stairs of hell and burn his feet...I saw him cry in pain and agony, I saw him helpless, I saw him proud, I saw him the happiest...He was riding Ivan in his heart since he was a kid..He kept me inside, prisoned..built a wall so high, that even he himself does not recognise him...Strong that wall was...I broke it..I am free...

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