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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Blues

A pretty ordinary weekend passed by again. Started with a tiring Friday, after work and gym. Talking over phone with guys back home. Taking my dog for a walk, serve his dinner, and take him for a walk again, play with him. Sleep early and getting up early on Saturday. More phone calls, more chat, more thoughts, more of everything. But sometimes more of something, is not good. You don't want more tension, more troubles. But hey, that is part of life, what if it covers your mind up with weekend blues. Funny term..wonder why we don't use it for weekends..well, may be the idea of weekend and fun goes so much hand in hand. Saturday night called for pina colada shots, some rum with coke...and talk with guys back home again.

Went to bed at around 7 in the morning..woke up at 12.30 pm. Took Kush for a walk, served his lunch, took him for a walk again. One friend came over, had a little chat, ate some sumptuous homemade lunch..and again took Kush for a walk, served him dinner..watched a old movie..

Now getting ready for another week at work, another week of new experience, another walk towards a weekend..

So, now that everyone is gearing up for a new week, I think its time to call it a day and take Kush for a walk again. Saying this, it struck me, how a major part of your life can be surrounded by your four legged friend. How I enjoy this little thing running around the house, and how sometimes, I enjoy saying "no" to him, and sometimes talk in those weird tone. He listens. Wonder what he thinks of me when I do that. May be like, why the hell can't you speak the doggy warf, warf!!!

Hmmm...well, here he comes with his bulging brown eyes and stubby nose..I got it, he wants to call it a day and ready to enjoy his most precious moment...a deep, nice and long slumber...good night guys..You guys have a great week..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alter ego

Remember the guy from my last blog.."Journey"...he met his other I, at the light. When are you meeting yours? Do you wana meet him at the end of the hallway? Guess, have you ever wondered how that guy felt when he saw his other I, doing things he shoulda done...Coulda, shoulda and woulda...these 3 are very powerful..always associated with from a minor change to a catastrophic one in our lives...

I dealt with people, I saw people who never gave a chance to their other I. They were so busy in the "I", the other I stayed in that dark corner of the room, begging to free him out...He gave me a chance...a chance which was long deserved, a chance which will change our lives, and the people associated with us...I am his other I. I am Ivan. Ivan, is a fairy tale dragon, he would think about even today when he is in a problem. He doesn't realise it, but I know it. He woul read Ivan's story time and again, as a kid and ride Ivan and fly high up in the air...He got busy with life, I didn't. I waited for him to reach the light, and free me. I'm glad he did.

I saw him doing worst of things, I saw him holding on to his innermost fear and rise...I saw him surviving greatest storms and raise himself up like an eagle..and I saw him walking down through those dirty stairs of hell and burn his feet...I saw him cry in pain and agony, I saw him helpless, I saw him proud, I saw him the happiest...He was riding Ivan in his heart since he was a kid..He kept me inside, prisoned..built a wall so high, that even he himself does not recognise him...Strong that wall was...I broke it..I am free...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


He looked down the hall way with a smile..rose petals everywhere...the walls adorn nicely framed pictures, with golden frame..small steps he took along with four others. Soft petals made him warm and fuzzy. Every picture he passed by brought smile to his face. He knows them, he plays with them and he loves them. He started to observe some doors. Curious lil' thing he was, ran and tried to open one, and felt a hand around his shoulder. "Not now son". He listened. He came to the end of the hallway, and there's a door again. " Go ahead", he heard.

A shimmering light at the end caught his attention, and he ran for it. But every step he ran, the light seemed further away. He stopped. He looked back and seemed like a big fog gulped the air he breathed a little while ago. The rose petals are seemingly less. "Well, never mind"- he said to himself, and started walking. The frames did not excite him anymore. The unknown frames ahead of him excited him more, so he ran again till he ran out of breath. The light seemed nearer. He is determined to see what's in there... he noticed that the frames on the wall are not that pretty anymore, as if somebody did not take good care of 'em. The rose petals are gone, and it's hard surface underneath.

He saw a mirror laying down on the sideways. He picked it up and looked himself in that. "Is it me?" he frowned. But he never bothered much. Nothing can deter him to reach that light. He took a curve and there he is..the light...For a moment it blinded him. He slowly walked closer to the light and saw a similar path he just crossed, but...

He was confused..."hows that possible?" He said to himself...They were in the don't talk, they don't walk...he didn't even stop thinking, when he saw himself talking to them...walking with them...