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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


He looked down the hall way with a smile..rose petals everywhere...the walls adorn nicely framed pictures, with golden frame..small steps he took along with four others. Soft petals made him warm and fuzzy. Every picture he passed by brought smile to his face. He knows them, he plays with them and he loves them. He started to observe some doors. Curious lil' thing he was, ran and tried to open one, and felt a hand around his shoulder. "Not now son". He listened. He came to the end of the hallway, and there's a door again. " Go ahead", he heard.

A shimmering light at the end caught his attention, and he ran for it. But every step he ran, the light seemed further away. He stopped. He looked back and seemed like a big fog gulped the air he breathed a little while ago. The rose petals are seemingly less. "Well, never mind"- he said to himself, and started walking. The frames did not excite him anymore. The unknown frames ahead of him excited him more, so he ran again till he ran out of breath. The light seemed nearer. He is determined to see what's in there... he noticed that the frames on the wall are not that pretty anymore, as if somebody did not take good care of 'em. The rose petals are gone, and it's hard surface underneath.

He saw a mirror laying down on the sideways. He picked it up and looked himself in that. "Is it me?" he frowned. But he never bothered much. Nothing can deter him to reach that light. He took a curve and there he is..the light...For a moment it blinded him. He slowly walked closer to the light and saw a similar path he just crossed, but...

He was confused..."hows that possible?" He said to himself...They were in the don't talk, they don't walk...he didn't even stop thinking, when he saw himself talking to them...walking with them...

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